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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages for a Robinson projection?

List of the Disadvantages of the Robinson Projection 1. Distortions exist on the edges of the map . Although publications had problems with the amount of distortion that occurs at the poles of the Robinson projection, there are also issues to consider at the edge of the map.

What is the Robinson projection most useful for?

The Robinson projection is unique. Its primary purpose is to create visually appealing maps of the entire world. It is a compromise projection; it does not eliminate any type of distortion, but it keeps the levels of all types of distortion relatively low over most of the map.

Does Robinson projection show the continents accurately?

However, it does not show distances accurately. robinson projection map Combines the strengths of other projections. It shows the shape and area of the continents and oceans with reasonable accuracy. However, the North and South Poles are distorted.

What is the definition of the Robinson projection?

The Robinson projection is a map projection of a world map which shows the entire world at once. It was specifically created in an attempt to find a good compromise to the problem of readily showing the whole globe as a flat image.

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