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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Robinson School?

The mission of the Robinson School Community is to inspire a love of learning while promoting academic achievement, self-esteem and respect for all in a caring, safe, nurturing environment. What's Happening?

Is there parking after school at Robinson Elementary School?

The police department understands that parking is limited after school at the Robinson Elementary School. Parking is available across the street at QMS and MHS and there are crossing guards to help you and your children cross the street. Please do not park in the fire lanes. Violators will be ticketed.

What school did Robert Robinson Teach?

Robinson was appointed as a history teacher in 1926 in No. 3 School, which was then Senior High School. Following this first assignment, he became principal of Roosevelt School, principal of Bayonne High School, Dean of Bayonne Junior College, and, in 1955, Assistant Superintendent of Schools.

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