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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RKC plank?

The RKC Plank can literally be programmed into any type of training session effectively. Depending on the movement or training emphasis of a specific session, the RKC Plank can be programmed as a dynamic warm up or metabolic finisher. 4. Time to throw away the traditional plank, and upgrade your planks with the RKC Plank.

What is the history of the RKC program?

That was the kind of decision making and mindset behind the creation of the whole RKC program. It took a while, obviously, to get it all in place. We launched the first kettlebell training book and video in 2001. It’s called The Russian Kettlebell Challenge. The Russian Kettlebell Challenge, the book that initiated the modern kettlebell movement.

Should I take the RKC?

If you take the RKC, take that further step, whether or not you want to be a coach, you’re going to 10-times the results that you are already getting from the kettlebell. So my big thing is engage with life to the max, optimize yourself as a human being and nothing beats the kettlebell to help you do that.

Who are RKC kettlebell instructors?

Our RKC kettlebell instructors have undergone the world's most rigorous of kettlebell instructor certification courses and are fully qualified to help you meet and surpass your goals, be they fat loss, strength and power development—or athletic success.

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