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Frequently Asked Questions

What is River Safari Singapore?

A wildlife park that lets you discover more about not only animals but also the river basins around the world, River Safari Singapore is definitely the first of its kind. Spread across a vast area of 12 hectares, the park is home to a wide variety of animals and plants.

How to avoid over crowding at River Safari Singapore?

At the time of booking your River Safari Singapore ticket, you will be asked to choose a time slot of your convenience. This will ensure that social distancing is maintained and that there is no over crowding at the venue. Let’s take a closer look at your River Safari Singapore ticket options.

How to visit redemption National Zoo in Singapore?

Redemption was fast and easy. River Safari is located just next to the zoo. Take note of the showtimes and queue in advance to avoid disappointment as capacity is limited. Although admission ticket does not include Amazon River cruise ride, it is worth paying for it as a ticket allows you to take as many times as you wish.

Is there free WiFi at the River Safari?

Free WiFi is available at the entrance of the River Safari which can be used throughout the whole park The Reservoir Cruise boat ride is currently suspended till further notice due to the latest government Safe Management Measures. Riders for the Amazon River Quest boat ride must be at least 1.06m.

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