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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unlock artifacts in risk of rain 2?

Risk of Rain 2 's self-imposed cheats and challenges are back with Artifacts. While the method for unlocking them is quite different from the first game, it's not as hard if you know what to do. Let's take a look at all the Artifacts, and how to unlock them. Artifacts can be unlocked by first reaching the fifth stage, Sky Meadow.

Where are the artifact terminals in risk of rain 2?

Artifacts in Risk of Rain 2 are activated in Sky Meadow, the fifth stage in each run. The terminal can be found at the bottom of the level, so as soon as you set foot in the realm, ignore all enemies and look for a massive hole on the floor.

What is artifact ofissonance in risk of rain 2?

Artifact of Dissonance: Monsters can appear outside their usual environments. Enemy variety is plentiful in Risk of Rain 2, but many players agree that the first loop of a run is rather boring due to a lack of items and enemy variety. Artifact of Dissonance fixes the latter, allowing any enemy type to spawn in any biome.

What are the best items in risk of rain 2?

Artifact of Glass: Allies deal 500% damage, but have 10% health. Shaped Glass is one of Risk of Rain 2's most powerful items, halving your health in exchange for double damage. If you hate purchasing this item every run, consider running the Artifact of Glass instead. While active, you deal 500% more damage but have 10% of your total health.

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