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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for the game of risk?

According to the Risk board game rules, the cards are very important. Whenever you capture a territory you may draw a card (max 1 card per turn). The territories on the cards are ignored and only the black figures are important.

How do you play the game Risk?

Risk cards are shuffled and then placed face down where every player can reach them. Game play starts with the player who placed the first army. Mission cards are used for a special game mode and should be separated from the Risk cards and set aside for normal play.

What are games similar to risk?

A lot more similar to Risk, there are games like: Shogun, and TEG. For games with a fantasy theme, there are the games from the Runebound universe, specifically RuneWars; BattleLore is quite cool and there is of course War of the Ring; which is excellent.

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