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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in risedronate sodium tablets?

Risedronate sodium tablets, USP is a pyridinyl bisphosphonate that inhibits osteoclastmediated bone resorption and modulates bone metabolism. Each Risedronate sodium tablet USP for oral administration contains the equivalent of 35 mg of anhydrous Risedronate sodium in the form of the hemi-pentahydrate.

How to take risedronate 35 mg?

To aid delivery of the tablet to the stomach Risedronate 35 mg is to be taken while in an upright position with a glass of plain water (>120 ml). Patients should not lie down for 30 minutes after taking the tablet (see section 4.4).

What should I do if I miss a risedronate sodium tablet 75 mg?

○ If only one Risedronate sodium tablets 75 mg is missed, take the missed tablet in the morning after the day it is remembered ○ Patients should then return to taking their Risedronate sodium tablets 75 mg on two consecutive days per month as originally scheduled. Patients should not take more than two 75 mg tablets within 7 days.

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