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Frequently Asked Questions

Is risedronate a prescription drug?

Risedronate is a prescription drug. It comes in the form of an immediate-release tablet or delayed-release tablet. Both forms are taken by mouth. Delayed-release drugs are slowly released into the bloodstream over time. Risedronate is available as the brand-name drugs Actonel (immediate-release tablet) or Atelvia (delayed-release tablet).

How often should I take risedronate?

The recommended regimen is: one 35 mg delayed-release tablet orally, taken once-a-week [see Indications and Usage (1.1)] Instruct patients to do the following: Take risedronate sodium delayed-release tablets in the morning immediately following breakfast.

How much risedronate sodium is in a delayed-release tablet?

Each risedronate sodium delayed-release tablets intended for oral administration contains 35 mg of risedronate sodium (as hemi-pentahydrate) equivalent to risedronate sodium anhydrous.

What is the difference between risedronate 35 mg Dr and 5 mg IR?

Risedronate 35 mg DR weekly is similar in efficacy and safety to risedronate 5 mg IR daily, and will allow patients to take their weekly risedronate dose immediately after breakfast.

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