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Frequently Asked Questions

How was the Revolutionary War Affected children?

uring the Revolutionary war, these children were affected mentally, emotionally, and physically. The war played a major role in how the children would view the world as they got older. The war would scar them for life and make them feel unsafe in the world around them. Most people would flee their homes and farms if they saw the armies approaching.

What are 5 causes of the Revolutionary War?

5 Biggest Causes of the American Revolution. The 5 biggest causes of the American Revolution are the Proclamation of 1763, the Quartering Act, the French and Indian War, the Boston Massacre and the Intolerable Acts.

What did kids do in the Revolutionary War?

When adults go away to fight in wars, children take on more responsibilities at home. During the Revolutionary War, children were responsible for farm chores, taking care of younger siblings, making clothes and many other household jobs.

What was daily life like during the Revolutionary War?

What was daily life like during the Revolutionary War? Poor people often lived in one room homes. Wealthier people would live in two story houses which typically had four rooms downstairs and two upstairs. Many homes had the kitchen in a separate building in order to try and prevent the spread of fires.

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