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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Revolution Health in colon a good place to work?

Considering the closest medical facility is at least 20 minutes in any direction from Colon, Klingler said, there was no doubt Revolution Health in Colon is in a perfect location.

Who is behind Colon’s new death care clinic?

Wednesday’s fanfare was organized by the Colon Chamber of Commerce and its president, Mike Smoker. The clinic was started by Jade Klingler, a Sturgis High School alumna and doctor of general practice. She said her field of care crosses the spectrum, ranging from birth to death.

What do Revolution Health's Therapy pets do?

Castor & Apollo are the proud therapy pets of Revolution Health. During their “down time” at the office, they enjoy naps, creating obstacle courses for staff in the halls, and an abundance amount of pets and attention. Apollo’s favorite place to hang out is the breakroom during lunch hour or the nurses station for snacks.

Was the colon location meant to be?

Within a week, Klingler and her husband, Steve, had lunch with the Realtor, decided to pursue the opportunity and reached an agreement. Klingler said she trusted her gut feeling that the Colon location was absolutely meant to be.

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