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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Xtreme Band worth buying?

This post is about Xtreme Band Review. The brand offers interesting and high classed features in it, and furthermore you can get the this device at an Exclusive price which is at a 50% Discount Offer. The company has so much to explore.

What does the Xtreme Band measure?

Xtreme Band additionally acts as your fitness or health guide. It can also measure your blood pressure, blood oxygen level, pulse rate and track sleeping time. Is Xtreme Bands helpful for children? Absolutely Yes, this xtreme band can be utilized by everybody, not minding their ages. How long time does it take to charge?

What is Xtreme Band made out of?

Durable design – Xtreme Band is made out of durable, high-grade flexible materials that can withstand extreme exercise drills and impact. It also has different sports tracking modes.

Is Xtreme Band compatible with smart phones?

Compatibility – Xtreme Band is compatible with any smart phone. It performs all the functions of control of telephone, camera, receives messages, just like any other smart wristband. It also comes in 6 bright and well-designed colors. Water Resistant – Xtreme Band has a high-degree of resistance to water.

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