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Is ‘respect’ a good movie?

Indeed, the two primary challenges for any movie in this genre are: to cast actors who can embody their subjects’ star power on screen, and to find ways to make old movie tropes seem new. In this regard, Respect – a biopic of queen of soul Aretha Franklin, with a barnstorming central turn from Jennifer Hudson – hits one of its two targets.

Is respect a good movie about Aretha Franklin?

Respect Review: Aretha Franklin Deserved Better Than A Surface-Level Biopic The film, which has occasionally resplendent moments, loses its shine because it fails to treat Franklin’s life with the respect and depth it deserves. By Mae Abdulbaki Published Aug 13, 2021 Jennifer Hudson in Respect

What is the age rating for respect?

‘Respect’ Review: Jennifer Hudson Gives Flattering Yet Flat Aretha Franklin Portrait Reviewed at Wilshire Screening Room, Los Angeles, Aug. 4, 2021. MPAA Rating: PG-13. Running time: 145 MIN.

Is Jennifer Hudson in respect a good movie?

This standard-issue biopic falls shy of its subject's transcendent brilliance, but Jennifer Hudson's starring performance absolutely commands Respect. Read critic reviews Much like the Queen of Soul herself, Respect serves up a powerhouse performance that holds nothing back and leaves audiences wanting more.

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