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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the movie Respect a good movie?

This standard-issue biopic falls shy of its subject's transcendent brilliance, but Jennifer Hudson's starring performance absolutely commands Respect. Read critic reviews Much like the Queen of Soul herself, Respect serves up a powerhouse performance that holds nothing back and leaves audiences wanting more. Read audience reviews

Is respect a good movie about Aretha Franklin?

Respect Review: Aretha Franklin Deserved Better Than A Surface-Level Biopic The film, which has occasionally resplendent moments, loses its shine because it fails to treat Franklin’s life with the respect and depth it deserves. By Mae Abdulbaki Published Aug 13, 2021 Jennifer Hudson in Respect

Is 'respect' based on a true story?

The new drama “ Respect ” is a march-of-time fictionalization of Franklin’s life. Attractively cast and handsomely mounted — Jennifer Hudson plays the queen — it is a solid, sanitized, unfailingly polite portrait.

Where does the movie respect take place?

“Respect” opens in Detroit in 1952, where the young Aretha is living with her siblings under the stern eye of their father, C.L. (Forest Whitaker). A legendary Baptist minister and friend to Martin Luther King Jr. (Gilbert Glenn Brown), C.L. lords over his house with imposing hauteur and an unpredictable temper.

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