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Frequently Asked Questions

What is reverse?

pertaining to or producing movement in a mechanism opposite to that made under ordinary running conditions: a reverse gear; a reverse turbine. acting in a manner opposite or contrary to that which is usual, as an appliance or apparatus.

What is the synonym of reversal?

1 a change in status for the worse usually temporarily. the party has suffered some major reverses as a result of the corruption scandal. Synonyms for reverse. knock, lapse, reversal, setback.

What is reversereverse image search?

Reverse image search is an online utility that allows you to find images relevant data by just uploading an image as a query instead of a keyword. This will help you find visually similar images across the web.

What does it mean to reverse a decision?

a : to overthrow, set aside, or make void (a legal decision) by a contrary decision. b : to change to the contrary reverse a policy. c : to undo or negate the effect of (something, such as a condition or surgical operation) had his vasectomy reversed.

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