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Frequently Asked Questions

What is transform Food USA 2022?

Transform Food USA 2022 Transform Food USA 2022 - The North American food and agriculture industry is undergoing immense transformations. The impacts of geopolitics, growing populations and the need for supply chain transparency have aligned to create a perfect storm for sustainability executives.

What is Reuters events transform series?

Reuters Events Transform Series program provides a unique forum to demonstrate leadership and deliver real action. Align with the world's leading media events brand, deliver though leadership on our direction setting agenda and share a stage with world-renowned speakers at Transform Supply Chains USA 2022 Can't wait to experience this together.

What happened to the US economy in the fourth quarter?

WASHINGTON, Jan 26 (Reuters) - The U.S. economy likely maintained a strong pace of growth in the fourth quarter as consumers boosted spending on goods, but momentum appears to have slowed considerably towards the end of the year, with higher interest rates eroding demand.

What is the fed's growth forecast for 2021?

Growth for the full year is expected to come in at around 2.1%, down from the 5.9% logged in 2021. The Fed last year raised its policy rate by 425 basis points from near zero to a 4.25%-4.50% range, the highest since late 2007.

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