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Frequently Asked Questions

What is strategic marketing 2022?

Reuters Events: Strategic Marketing 2022 (Oct 20-21, NYC) brings together the world's most influential CMOs and marketing leaders to change the way brands are perceived in the world – the global platform to inspire and empower marketing leaders. Strategic Marketing NYC 2022 24  February 2023 1200+ Attendees Speaker Name Title Phone

What is effective marketing in 2023?

Effective marketing in 2023 will be built on a solid foundation of the tried-and-true basics: breakthrough messages that meet the customer where they are, surgically reaching them where it’s most effective, the data to tell you when you are and when you’re not – all underpinned by your brand purpose and values.

How can marketers stay ahead of industry trends in 2023?

With hyper-digitalization driving an overload of online content, marketers must stay ahead of industry trends and champion creativity as we look towards 2023. Join CMOs, trailblazers and experts at SM23 for the most crucial learning and networking opportunity of the year.

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