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What's going on in the house supply chain and Transportation Committee?

REUTERS/Mike Segar WASHINGTON, Jan 26 (Reuters) - A U.S. House committee said Thursday it will hold a hearing next Wednesday on supply chain and transportation infrastructure issues that will feature trucking, railroad and union groups.

What's happening in the supply chain industry in Chicago?

In Chicago on May 17-18, 900 executives from across the supply chain ecosystem -Fortune 500 retailers & manufacturers, forward-thinking logistics organizations, leading technology solution providers, government officials and industry heavyweights - will come together in Chicago to share their vision of the future and make it a reality.

Is the supply chain a cost center?

North America’s Most Comprehensive Supply Chain Event North America’s Most Comprehensive Supply Chain Event Leadership in the Age of Transition Recent history has put the spotlight on the Supply Chain. For many organizations the supply chain was a cost center, an innovation laggard.

Is the United States making progress in supply chain issues?

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said last month the United States had made huge progress in supply chain issues after people wondered in 2021 whether they would get basic goods and Christmas presents on time.

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