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Frequently Asked Questions

What is utility transition 2022?

Reuters Events: Utility Transition 2022 provides a unique forum to demonstrate leadership, debate the future of our energy system and deliver real action. Join us in March to turn rhetoric into action, drive towards a sustainable future and secure your place in the energy ecosystem of tomorrow.

How many in-person events will Reuters events run in 2022?

Reuters Events will run over 70 in-person events in 2022. Here's our net promoter score (NPS) from the extensive post event survey and a small snapshot of what people thought...

What is industry Transition 2023?

Industry Transition 2023 September 2023 Delivering Deep Decarbonization in The Hard to Abate Sectors Set Benchmarks, Inspire Change, and Tackle the Energy Transition Enquire about 2023 Text goes here X 300+ Executive Attendees 30+ Industry Leading Speakers 25+ Exclusive Sessions  2 Days of Learning  100%

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