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Frequently Asked Questions

Are retailers allowed to sell returned items as new?

They are not allowed to sell returned items as new. It's why they charge a repackaging fee for returning devices. The repackaging fee absorbs the cost of selling an open-box unit or the refurbishing cost.

Does Amazon sell returned products?

Amazon Warehouse* is a branch of Amazon where it sells customer returned and mildly damaged goods.It offers items that are in a good condition but don't meet Amazon's standard as 'new', so are sold at a discounted price.

Where to buy pallets of returned merchandise?

You can also buy returns pallets from a range of other retailers. Retailers such as Argos, eBay and Amazon have been known to auction high-value return pallets regularly. Some High Street stores like John Lewis have been known auction pallets too. Some people make a living out of refurbishing goods from return pallets.

Where can you Buy store returns?

The answer is to source boxes of merchandise from a reputable online liquidation marketplace. In Direct Liquidation’s case, that means buying boxes of customer returns sourced from one of the biggest names in retail – Amazon Liquidations. What Is An Online Liquidation Marketplace?

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