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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Biden say midterm election results'depends on voting rights'?

President Biden said the integrity of the results "depends" on voting rights. One day after President Joe Biden appeared to cast doubt on whether the midterm election results will be legitimate without the passage of a new voting rights law, his vice president and press secretary worked to dispel any mistrust in the integrity of the vote.

What happened in the 2020 US election?

Latest results, news and analyses on the 2020 U.S. election. Biden's victory capped one of the longest and most tumultuous campaigns in modern history, in which he maintained an aggressive focus on Trump's handling of the pandemic. Map: Turnout surged in 2020.

Did POTUS just cast doubt on the legitimacy of the 2022 election?

Lets be clear: @potus was not casting doubt on the legitimacy of the 2022 election. He was making the opposite point: In 2020, a record number of voters turned out in the face of a pandemic, and election officials made sure they could vote and have those votes counted.

What did Joe Biden say about the Senate defeat?

President Joe Biden said in a statement following the defeat: "I am profoundly disappointed that the Senate has failed to stand up for our democracy. I am disappointed -- but I am not deterred. We will continue to advance necessary legislation and push for Senate procedural changes that will protect the fundamental right to vote."

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