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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did WWE SummerSlam take place?

Check out the official results and highlights from WWE SummerSlam. It's the second-biggest night of the WWE calendar year — WWE SummerSlam takes place tonight from Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, NV.

What happens during the WWE SummerSlam PPV?

As the PPV airs, you can check out live match results, along with our thoughts and notes about what unfolds during the event (including any surprises WWE may reveal). Summerslam will see return matches for two wrestling superstars: Goldberg and John Cena.

What were the WWE SummerSlam 2021 results?

WWE SummerSlam Results: Sunday, August 21, 2021 Big E def. Baron Corbin (SummerSlam Kickoff Show) Baron Corbin had huge heat the moment he was shown on the jumbotron, but he was later surpassed by Logan Paul, who may have received the biggest heel reaction of the night before the card officially began.

Did WWE know Sasha Banks would be out of SummerSlam?

The card is always subject to change, but when WWE knows far in advance that something is likely not going to happen and still pretends it will, it's a sign the company is abusing its relationship with its fans. For days, if not weeks, WWE must have known Sasha Banks would be out of SummerSlam for whatever reason that may be.

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