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Frequently Asked Questions

Why work at restore hyper wellness?

Every position at Restore Hyper Wellness helps contribute to our larger purpose. Collectively, we are shaping the future of human health, and helping people everywhere feel their best so they can do more of what they love. Join our team of like-minded wellness geeks and groundbreakers and become a part of something bigger than yourself.

Why choose hyper wellness®?

Taking charge of your health has never been simpler or more convenient. Our passion for improving the lives of people everywhere is what sets us apart. We’re here to make Hyper Wellness® accessible and affordable for people committed to feeling their best.

What are the benefits of restore?

Decrease inflammation, optimize sleep, boost energy and defy the signs of aging. Create your customized plan today with a range of Restore membership options and packages that best suit your needs. Get ready to meet the best version of you.

What is it like to work at wellness?

We take care of our bodies and make wellness part of our everyday life. The people who work here are the kind of people that take initiative. They don’t just walk past something that’s not working - they take it upon themselves to make it better, however they can.

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