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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cryotherapy and how does it work?

The Restore Hyper Wellness Cryotherapy works by surrounding your body with ice-cold air. By cooling the body down, cryotherapy reduces blood flow, therefore decreasing inflammation and swelling.

How often should you get cryotherapy?

The experts at Restore Hyper Wellness advise you to get cryotherapy no more than twice a day. And a regiment of regular, weekly visits is the best way to see the added health bonuses. Cryotherapy has been well researched and is perfectly safe, however you should discontinue it if you have a reaction after your first treatment.

How does restore hyper wellness compression work?

This is done by placing the Restore Hyper Wellness Compression on your body while you sit down. This therapy encourages blood and lymph to flow throughout your body, leading to a host of health benefits. By doing this treatment for only 30 minutes, at least three times per week, you’re stimulating your lymphatic system.

Who owns restore hyper wellness?

Jim Donnelly, Restore Hyper Wellness’s CEO, has opened over 150 locations across the US, where they offer several therapeutic treatments to enhance your overall health. The founders created Restore Hyper Wellness to help people improve their wellbeing, and they believe in and endorse all their services.

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