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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of respect song by Aretha Franklin?

This song, which is one of her signature songs, was originally released by Otis Redding. Both versions of the song have slightly different meanings. Franklin's version of "Respect" is about a young, confident, independent woman telling her man that she does everything he wants from her and doesn't see any why he disrespects her .

What is the song Respect by Aretha Franklin about?

Aretha Franklin’s signature song was a groundbreaking female empowerment anthem of the late 1960s. Originally a minor hit by Otis Redding in 1965, Aretha’s “Respect” was given a new arrangement and new lyrics about a woman boldly demanding the respect of her man.

Who sings the song Respect by Aretha?

"Respect" is a song written and originally released by Stax recording artist Otis Redding in 1965. "Respect" became a 1967 hit and signature song for R&B singer Aretha Franklin. While Redding wrote the song as a man's plea for respect and recognition from a woman, the roles were reversed for Franklin's version.

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