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Frequently Asked Questions

How much reserves do I need after closing on a mortgage?

Say your lender requires at least two months of mortgage reserves after closing. If you're unable to show proof of these funds (known as PITI, which we'll discuss later in the article), you may not be able to move forward with your application.

Can you spend cash reserves two days after closing?

But there’s a major flaw with the concept of cash reserves. In theory, the borrower could spend that extra money two days after closing. It wouldn’t be the smartest move, but there’s really nothing to prevent it from happening. The money does not sit in an escrow account managed by a third party.

Why are lenders asking for more cash reserves?

Some mortgage lenders are requiring more cash reserves today than they did in the past. It’s part of the less-risk mentality adopted in the wake of the housing crash. For borrowers, it means one more hoop to jump through when qualifying for a mortgage. And for a rising number of home buyers, it can be a painful lesson in mortgage rejection.

What are mortgage reserves and how do they work?

What are Mortgage Reserves? Mortgage reserves are savings balances that will be there after you close on your home purchase. Regarded as emergency funds, in the event of huge income loss or unemployment, reserves assure lenders that you will be able to continue making payments to afford your loan.

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