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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any legal assistance services available to members of the reserve?

Legal Assistance services are available to members of the United States Army Reserve for matters that relate to legal readiness.

Is the Military Legal Services locator legal advice?

It is not legal advice. Speak with a licensed attorney before relying on the information contained within the website to make a decision or take any action. Use the Legal Services Locator to find your nearest military legal office within the continental United States.

What is the Air Force legal assistance web site?

Welcome to the Air Force Legal Assistance Web Site! It is an honor and privilege to serve our Armed Forces family, and your local Air Force legal office is dedicated to helping those who pledge their lives to protect America. This website consists of three features.

What are the statutory authorizations for legal assistance in the Army?

This regulation prescribes policies, responsibilities, and procedures for the Army Legal Assistance Program. The statutory authorizations for legal assistance are Title 10, United States Code,...

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