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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ResearchGate and how does it work?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ResearchGate is a European commercial social networking site for scientists and researchers to share papers, ask and answer questions, and find collaborators.

Who are ResearchGate's competitors?

ResearchGate's competitors include, Google Scholar and Mendeley. In 2016 reportedly had more registered users (about 34 million versus 11 million) and higher web traffic, but ResearchGate was substantially larger in terms of active usage by researchers.

Does researchresearchgate send unsolicited invitations to its users?

ResearchGate has been criticized for emailing unsolicited invitations to the coauthors of its users.

How does researchresearchgate recommend members to connect with others?

ResearchGate indexes self-published information on user profiles to suggest members to connect with others who have similar interests. When a member posts a question, it is fielded to others that have identified on their user profile that they have a relevant expertise.

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