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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a research associate position?

Research associate. Research associates are scholars and professionals that usually have an advanced degree beyond a bachelor's degree. The research associate position does not explicitly require mentoring and is a regular staff position with appointment letters processed by Human Resources.

What is a senior research associate?

Senior research associates are often employed by medical research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, scientific laboratories, and major universities. As a senior research associate, an individual performs a number of duties to support various business and scientific objectives.

What is a Certified Clinical Research Associate?

Certified Clinical Research Associate. A Clinical Research Associate (CRA) is a professional who monitors clinical trials and research studies. CRAs can be either employed by a Pharmaceutical or Biotech Company, Contract Research Organization (CRO), Independent Consultant or may act as freelancers.

What are the responsibilities of a clinical research associate?

The responsibilities of a Clinical Research Associate spans over a vast range but the primary function is the ability to conduct tests and trials of products on various subjects. The significant role of a clinical research associate lies in setting up and monitoring such trials.

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