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Frequently Asked Questions

What is requirements txt file?

The requirements.txt file is useful to install all packages at once for a project, it is easy to handover to other developers and we can use this to install different versions of packages for different python projects. We will define each package in a new line in the requirements.txt file.

How do I install requirements in Linux?

Try using this in your terminal then go to the directory and use the pip install command. Check if you have requirements.txt file in the directory. and then run the following command. Make sure the requirements.txt file is in the same folder where you are installing it using pip install -r requirements.txt

What is to-requirements TXT?

to-requirements.txt allows to automatically add and delete modules to requirements.txt installing them using pip. The installation process include only two steps: install the package using pip and setup up it using script provided by the package. That’s it.

How do I install packages according to the configuration file?

The following command will install the packages according to the configuration file requirements.txt. $ pip install -r requirements.txt The name of the configuration file is arbitrary but requirements.txt is often used. Put requirements.txt in the directory where the command will be executed.

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