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Frequently Asked Questions

What pickups should I use with the PRS SE Custom 24?

Since I've known the PRS SE Custom 24 to be a good distortion guitar, I wanted to target pickups that could also handle heavier levels of distortion. At the same time, your pickups should be able to produce a high-quality clean tone. This is why the active pickups seemed like such a good fit.

What is the best humbucker for a PRS guitar?

My PERSONAL Holy-grail humbucker set! Tweaked specifically for Paul Reed Smith / PRS guitars and employing AlNiCo V magnets, this set remains true to the vintage PAF tone, but has just a touch more hair and splits into single coil in a most extraordinary manner!

Are the pups in PRS SE guitars worth it?

The stock ones in PRS SE guitars aren't glorious, but they're not your main problem. Pups are for fine tuning your tone, the other stuff has a much more drastic influence. Before you can fine tune your tone, you need to have the basic stuff figured out and set up, so don't go buying pups just yet.

Is the Gibson SE Custom 24 a good pickup upgrade?

Since this is an incredibly decent guitar for the price, it's a good candidate for a pickup upgrade, as the included humbucker set is of the cheaper PRS stock variety. They sound okay but the SE Custom 24 can sound much better with a nicer set of pickups from a third party.

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