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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you replace a distributor cap?

The cap and rotor are critically important for power distribution and need to be replaced periodically. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Locate the cap, with help from the vehicle owner's manual or a repair manual, if needed. Loosen the distributor cap.

Are distributor caps and rotors the same?

Although the distributor caps and rotors are designed differently based on the vehicle manufacturer, engine size and other factors, the process and steps for replacing them on most engines is rather similar.

How do you replace a distributor rotor?

Lift the old rotor off and install the new one making sure it is aligned the same way the old one was. While you have the rotor off, try moving the distributor shaft back and forth to check for any excessive lash or play in the shaft itself.

How do I remove the distributor?

To begin removing the distributor, remove this cap. This may or may not require basic tools - some caps have clamps that can be loosened by hand, while others may require screwdrivers or even socket wrenches to unscrew screws and/or bolts holding the cap in place. Remove all wires attached to the distributor.

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