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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a repeat sign in music?

Another repeat sign is a symbol indicating the repeat of one or two measures.  In patterns that are repeated over and over, this method proves a time-saver for the composer. As you can see, using the repeat sign also saves space. music written without measure repeat signs

What do the dots on a single repeat sign mean?

This means that the dots are written on the Left Side of the Double (Final) Bar Lines (one thin bar line and one thick bar line). I tell my students that, when they "hit" a Single Repeat Sign, it bounces them back to the beginning of the music and they have to play it again (repeat it one more time).

What is repeated beat symbol?

The repeated beat symbol is used only in handwritten music and parts for rhythm instruments such as guitar, drums, or sometimes piano. =&43œ ??&œ œ œ The repeated measure/bar is used only for drums, piano, or guitar. &24 œ œ ‘=&24œ œ œ œ

What is the difference between a right and left facing repeat sign?

In a Right Facing Repeat Sign, the Repeat Sign Dots are on the Right of the Thick and Thin Lines (in Spaces 2 and 3). In a Left Facing Repeat Sign, the Repeat Sign Dots are on the Left of the Thin and Thick Lines (in Spaces 2 and 3).

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