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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is renewal dermatology & MedSpa?

Dr. Maggio, our President and CEO, started Renewal Dermatology & MedSpa in summer 2012, having retired from a career in military medicine spanning three decades. He served as a faculty researcher and physician in the country’s third largest dermatology residency training program for 15 of those years.

Why choose our dermatology services?

Our dermatologists have the training and expertise to treat all disorders of the skin, including skin cancer, eczema, fungal infections, psoriasis, Mohs Surgery and inflammatory conditions, such as acne. All of our physicians see pediatric and adult patients.

How many dermatology clinics are there in the US?

With more than 175 independent dermatology locations, led by 190+ board-certified dermatologists spread across 21 states, we’re likely to have a clinic located near you. If you have a concern that requires expert medical attention, don’t wait weeks to get the care you need and deserve.

What is it like to have a permanent dermatologist?

Glad to have a permanent dermatologist. I am writing about their Manassas Office. I have not been to the Gainesville office. But the Manassas office is wonderful. The people really know their stuff and they are kind, pleasant and make you feel welcome and at home.

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