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Frequently Asked Questions

What is remorse and how to deal with it?

Remorse is a distressing emotion experienced by an individual who regrets actions which they have done in the past that they deem to be shameful, hurtful, or wrong. Remorse is closely allied to guilt and self-directed resentment .

What is a pang of remorse?

English Language Learners Definition of remorse : a feeling of being sorry for doing something bad or wrong in the past : a feeling of guilt : deep regret for doing or saying something wrong She felt a pang of remorse after yelling.

What is the meaning of remre Morse?

re·morse  (rĭ-môrs′) n. 1. Moral anguish arising from repentance for past misdeeds; bitter regret. See Synonyms at penitence. 2. ObsoleteCompassion. [Middle English remors, from Old French, from Medieval Latin remorsum, from neuter past participle of Latin remordēre, to torment: re-, re-+ mordēre, to bite; see mer-in Indo-European roots.]

What is compounding remorse?

Studies on apologizing. This is sometimes known as compounding remorse. Compunction refers to the act of actively expressing remorse, usually requiring the remorseful individual to physically approach the person to whom he is expressing regret.

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