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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best thing for shoulder arthritis?

• Analgesics. Analgesics, which include acetaminophen ( Tylenol) and opioids, are commonly used for arthritis in the shoulder and other joints. They also may be used to relieve pain from other shoulder problems or surgery. Unlike NSAIDs, which target both pain and inflammation, analgesics are designed purely for pain relief.

How do you treat arthritis in the shoulder?

With the exception of a deformity, almost all cases of shoulder impingement can (and should) be resolved naturally. The tempting and easy fix is to get a cortisone shot to calm the inflammation. But what you need to understand is that impingement syndrome - in most cases - is actually the symptom of a more overarching problem.

Does acupuncture relieve arthritis?

While acupuncture cannot cure arthritis, it may be a useful tool to use in conjunction with other medical treatments to help manage pain and other symptoms of arthritis. Further research is needed to determine the exact therapeutic mechanisms of how acupuncture works, as well as the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

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