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Frequently Asked Questions

What is required on a release of liability form?

A release of liability form must include the name of the organization or individual sponsoring the event or activity. The form also must name the participant and indicate that the signing party assumes all risks while taking part in the event. In addition, the form must include a statement that releases the organization from any liability claims that may result from the event.

How long should I keep release of liability forms?

The release should be kept for at least three years after the last interaction with the customer that could result in liability.

Should I sign a release of liability?

If you want to participate in an activity that involves release of liability, you will often be required to sign a liability waiver. If you refuse to sign the waiver, the operator will likely not let you participate. If you are uncomfortable with the risks or if you were unaware of the dangerousness of the activity, you should not sign the waiver.

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