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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Sharks in Rehoboth Bay?

This was on the Rehoboth bay side of Masseys ditch near the channel. Some buddies of mine caught a two hundred and fifty pound hammerhead near the buoy transition in the Indian River bay three years ago. Sharks come into the inland bays and it seems more so this year than ever.

Where to dine in Rehoboth Beach?

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del - Barriers for outdoor dining in parking lots are coming back to Rehoboth Beach for the spring and summer season, but this time around, restaurants will have to pay for them. A local nonprofit group is raising money to help with the ...

Where is Rehoboth de?

Rehoboth Beach is bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, on the north by the town of Henlopen Acres, and on the west and south by unincorporated portions of Sussex County. Cape Henlopen State Park lies just to the north of Rehoboth Beach, and Dewey Beach is just to its south.

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