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Frequently Asked Questions

What is refersion's affiliate marketing platform?

“Refersion’s affiliate marketing platform is the fuel to excite our customer base into spreading the word of our brand all over town!” After one year of using Refersion’s affiliate platform, Goorin Bros saw $1M in affiliate sales. Dashboard summary view for all campaigns and brand partnerships

Why do you use refersion marketplace?

Refersion Marketplace is an engine for our business. We use the Marketplace because of the great reporting, reliability, and ease-of-use. Refersion proved to us the power and success of affiliate marketing, and we're able to control the entire process from start to finish. Refersion Marketplace is an engine for our business.

How can refersion help your ecommerce business?

Easily connect your ecommerce platforms and popular marketing apps. Integrate your store’s product feed, get webhooks, developer APIs and our certified Shopify Plus features for larger programs. Grow your ecommerce sales with Refersion’s Affiliate Recruiting Solutions and connect with the most compatible and profitable affiliate partners.

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