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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "redemption" really mean?

The definition of redemption is the act of exchanging something for money or goods. An example of redemption is using a coupon at the grocery store. Redemption is defined as the act of correcting a past wrong.

Is redemption truly possible?

Redemption is what everyone is looking for in the end, and it is absolutely possible. Redemption requires putting in the work to attempt to fix the mistake. Sometimes it's as simple as an apology, and it's over, and sometimes you have to take months to prove that you're truly trustworthy.

What is redemption defined?

Redemption is defined as the act of correcting a past wrong. An example of redemption is someone working hard for new clients to improve his reputation.

What is the biblical meaning of redemption?

In the Bible, redemption references freeing someone from bondage. Under Christian doctrine, Christ paid the ultimate price for the sins of mankind and bought mankind's redemption on the cross with his crucifixion.

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