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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best green smoothie?

The best green smoothie recipe is the one you make yourself.It's very easy and the options are endless. Just have a ration of about 50% fruits and 50% vegetables (or try some wild greens such as nettles) and your smoothie will always be delicious.

What is the best kale smoothie?

Directions In a Blendtec blender, combine almond milk, ice, kale, celery, apple, and flax seed. Blend on high until smooth. Taste smoothie. Add agave nectar if needed and blend again.

What to put in a green smoothie?

What To Put In Your Green Smoothie Never blend anything but fruits, green leafy vegetables, and ice. Use only green leafy vegetables to combine with fruits in smoothies. Don't try to be perfect. Add some ice to make a cold treat. Spinach has a very mild taste, use it to help you get used to adding greens to your drink.

What is the best green smoothie recipe?

Instructions Tightly pack spinach in a measuring cup. Add spinach to blender with water. Add pineapple, mango and banana to blender. Blend all together until smooth and creamy. Pour into a glass and serve immediately. You can also store the smoothie in the fridge with a lid until ready to drink.

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