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Frequently Asked Questions

What is reasonable suspicion in Texas?

What is reasonable suspicion in Texas? Police officers cannot pull you over without reasonable suspicion. This means that the police officer must have articulable facts that justify pulling you over. These facts can come in a variety of forms, and they should be based on evidence — not hunches or assumptions.

What are the most common forms of reasonable suspicion?

Traffic violations and erratic driving are the most common forms of reasonable suspicion. In these instances, police officers would have the right to pull you over and investigate further. Here are some examples of traffic violations and erratic driving:

Can a police officer pull you over without reasonable suspicion in Texas?

. Without reasonable suspicion in Texas, police officers are not allowed to pull you over. This is considered a violation of your constitutional rights. If you’re charged with a crime as a result of this traffic stop, you could have your case dismissed. But what counts as reasonable suspicion in Texas and is it different than probable cause?

What is art 1141 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure?

Art. 11.41. WHERE PARTY IS INDICTED FOR CAPITAL OFFENSE. If it appears by the return and papers attached that the party stands indicted for a capital offense, the judge or court having CODE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE Statute text rendered on: 9/24/2021 - 141 -

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