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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reasonable suspicion checklist?

The reasonable suspicion checklist consists of five essential elements. In 2022, any Federal Motor Carrier Administration, or FMCA and DOT trainee must have a minimum of two hours of training. This includes 60 minutes of drug training and 60 minutes of alcohol training. These elements include:

Is reasonable suspicion training required for non-dot Supervisors?

This training requirement is waived for owner-operators, although they are expected to join a random testing consortium. While there are no rules for reasonable suspicion training for supervisors in non-DOT roles, it is highly recommended that similar care be taken in training in order to avoid costly errors or litigation.

Should a driver be sent for reasonable suspicion testing?

Determining that a driver should be sent for reasonable suspicion testing is a supervisor duty that is addressed in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations. Under these regulations, all individuals designated to supervise drivers must receive training on alcohol and controlled substance misuse.

Are the reasonable suspicion testing and training requirements of 382.307 and 382.603 applicable?

Section § 382.307: Reasonable suspicion testing. Question 4: Are the reasonable suspicion testing and training requirements of §§382.307 and 382.603 applicable to an owner-operator who is both an employer and the only employee? Guidance: No.

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