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Frequently Asked Questions

What is realrealty connect?

Realty Connect is a “referral only” real estate brokerage created to provide non-practicing agents a place to hang their license with a system in place to protect all the hard work and investment they have made in the real estate industry. Our agents maintain the ability to generate income through referrals.

Does Realty connect have a support team?

Yes. Our support team can answer any questions or walk you through the entire process – from opening your account to tracking your client/referral’s progress. Does Realty Connect have a real estate broker license?

Why choose Realty connect & Dana Jensen?

I have had a very good positive experience with Realty Connect and Dana Jensen since I made the decision to put up my salesman's license with them. They are very responsive, professional and knowledgeable in every aspect of the Real Estate business.

Is Realty connect pay as you go?

At Realty Connect, all you pay is a $295 transaction fee that is deducted from your commission at settlement. This “pay as you go” business model offers you the ability to make a lucrative income while keeping your overhead and expenses low. Is Realty Connect for me?

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