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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Regal Beagle lounge?

Regal Beagle Lounge was the neigborhood meeting place for the roommates, The Ropers and then Mr. Furley. The Regal Beagle pub was the local neighborhood hangout where the roommates usually relaxed and had some mixed drinks or a beer and a sandwich with each other, met each other, and their dates.

Who is the owner of Roper's Regal Beagle?

Scot Roper, owner of Roper's Regal Beagle, invites you to come on in and stay a while. The Regal Beagle boasts multiple big screen televisions, 21 beers on tap and a menu that has everything from excellent steaks to pizza. Sign Me Up!

Does the Regal Beagle take credit cards?

The Regal Beagle accepts credit cards. How is The Regal Beagle rated? The Regal Beagle has 4.5 stars.

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