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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to stay in Ravenna Italy?

For those traveling as a family, some of the most popular family-friendly hotels include Park Hotel - Ravenna, Hotel Italia and Autohotel Ravenna. When traveling on business, the best options are Antica Ravenna Residence, Residence La Reunion and Sant'Andrea Hotel.

What famous people live in Ravenna Italy?

Ravenna Tour of Must-See Sites and Attractions with Native Top-Rated Guide Many prominent artists loved Ravenna, just to mention a few: Lord Byron and Mary Shelly, Oscar Wilde, Sigmund Freud, Herman… 12. Ravenna Mosaics & Highlights Small Group Tour with a Local Guide

How long does it take to tour Ravenna in Italy?

Ravenna Walking Tour Discover Ravenna with this itinerary that in just three hours takes you to visit the most famous and significant monuments… 15. Art tour of Ravenna from Bologna Ravenna: a treasure of the Mediterranean: A hidden world of mosaics and underground crypts, the absolute pearl of art of… 16.

How to visit Ravenna in half a day?

Ravenna in half a day You can visit Ravenna even in half a day: this will be enough to know its culture and history and to realize how this town… 4. Walking tour of Ravenna with ticket to 5 Unesco sites This walking tour includes the combined ticket to 5 Unesco monuments of Ravenna and its breathtaking Byzantine mosaics: … 5.

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