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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Rashaun Weaver's father Clifford Weaver?

The father of Rashaun Weaver, the Harlem teen accused of killing Barnard student Tessa Majors, is also behind bars, the boy’s grandfather said Sunday. Clifford Weaver told the Daily News on Sunday the 14-year-old’s father, Clifford Shaun Weaver, has been locked up in state prison for the past two years, and was recently hit with a parole violation.

Who is John Weaver and what did he do?

Now 16, Weaver was the third and final suspect in the shock slaying to be sentenced, finally bringing the case to a close after more than two years. Bogdanos told the court that Weaver “repeatedly committed crimes” and acts of violence, including a knifepoint robbery in the same park four days earlier.

Who are Weaver and Lewis?

Weaver and two middle school pals-Luciano Lewis and Zyairr Davis, then 14 and 13, respectively-killed the college freshman from Virginia during a botched robbery in Morningside Park, in a case that rattled New York City.

What did Weaver do wrong at majors?

The prosecutor also said Weaver didn’t appear remorseful in the immediate aftermath, filming himself on his phone the next night while smoking weed he’d stolen from Majors.

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