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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Rashaun Weaver and what did he do?

The teenager who admitted to the stabbing death of a New York City college student was sentenced Wednesday to 14 years to life in prison. Rashaun Weaver had pleaded guilty in December to murder and robbery in the killing of Tessa Majors in 2019.

How long is Rashaun Weaver in jail for?

Rashaun Weaver, 16, will serve 14 years to life in prison. Last month, he pleaded guilty to second degree murder and robbery charges in the stabbing death of majors at Morningside Park in Dec. 2019. Two other teens were previously sentenced.

Who is Tessa majors killer Rashaun Weaver?

A teenage boy arrested in the 2019 deadly stabbing of Barnard College student Tessa Majors in a Manhattan park, a crime that rattled New York City residents for its apparent randomness, was sentenced Wednesday to 14 years to life in prison. Rashaun Weaver, now 16, walked into court wearing a burgundy shirt and black tie.

What happens to Rashaun Weaver at the end of atypical?

'Fourteen years to life is a long time, but at the end of his sentence Rashaun Weaver goes home. Tess never will. They know she was against murder and violence in general and that she never harmed another human being in her 18 years on the planet.'

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