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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Rammstein mean?

What does Rammstein mean? Rammstein is German for “Ramming Stone”. “The name came from the big catastrophe that happened in Ramstein, which is a place in Germany, where the American airforce had a flight show. They crashed and over 80 people got hurt and killed. So the first song, actually, was about that accident.

What do Germans think of Rammstein?

Do Germans love Rammstein? But what do everyday German citizens actually think of the band? “The American culture, above all, they have a really, really strong affinity for Rammstein and they just like this, this German thing and they think it’s kind of cool, and because it’s so foreign, they like that.

Is Rammstein a good band?

Throughout their career, Rammstein have more than proven they can do emotion. They can do sensitive. But ultimately, this is Rammstein. They’re known for their overblown, hyper-masculine take on industrial metal. Even on their debut, Du Reichst So Gut had all the boxes ticked. Christoph’s got that 4/4 stomp nailed, the guitar solo’s a joy to listen to every time, and Flake’s keys play the foil to Till’s booming baritone.

What kind of metal is Rammstein?

What kind of metal is Rammstein? industrial metal Rammstein’s sound has primarily been described as Neue Deutsche Härte, industrial metal, hard rock, and gothic metal, while also being described as nu metal, alternative metal, symphonic metal, progressive metal, and “techno-metal”. Rammstein’s style has received positive feedback from critics.

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