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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rally?

Rally is your source for timely content that covers a wide range of health topics, from improving well-being to the latest in digital health insights. Stay up to date with the latest benefits insights, health news, and ready-to-use resources — delivered right to your inbox. Managing our health can get complicated.

What is the meaning of rallies?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : to bring or come together for a common purpose Supporters rallied at the capitol building. 2 : to publicly support or oppose The whole school rallied behind the principal. 3 : to rouse from low spirits or weakness The patient rallied and survived.

What do you like most about rally?

I LOVE Rally! It truly motivates me to move and live a healthy lifestyle. I’ve dropped 35 lbs. The healthy way — no fad diets or pills — just good old exercise and watching what I eat. A Rally Member From Illinois I love how it’s a reward system. You join all these Missions and get coins to use toward sweepstakes, which is very nice.

What happened to police permits for political rallies?

The question of police permits for political rallies remained a point of disagreement, between opposition and government, which was only resolved just before the elections. They rallied instead to the opposition calls for ' alternance ', irrespective of their core ideological beliefs.

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