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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rack truck?

Truck bed rack is a derivation of a roof rack designed to be installed over the bed of a pickup truck.

What is a rack assembly?

Also known as the rack and pinion, the steering rack is the assembly in a vehicle which turns the vehicle's wheels from side to side in response to when the driver turns the steering wheel.

What is a trunk mounted bike rack?

Trunk Mounted Bike Racks are the most cost-effective and versatile bike racks available. These strap-racks mount with hooks into your trunk, tightened with straps to the rack. If you don't have a hitch a trunk mount might be your best option for carrying up to three bikes.

What is a mounting rack?

A rack mount is a description of a hardware device capable of being mounted in a special rack or the actual rack. Rack mounting is commonly used with large companies to hold their network servers, routers, switches, or other network devices.

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